6 Signs You Should Opt For Email Marketing

Did you know that 44%1 of promotional email recipients made a purchase based on a marketing email? This surprising stat should convince you to opt for email marketing as an advertising channel to reach out to your target audience.

Most businesses are not really sure whether email marketing is meant for them. This article lists 6 signs that indicate you need email marketing to boost your business:


Email Marketing


  1. Your audience is huge or widespread

Many businesses have a huge target audience. Or they are too widespread across different geographical locations. In such scenarios, it’s difficult to reach them without spending generously. Email marketing allows you to reach out to them with ease and within your budget. It is quick and efficient.

  1. You need measurability

Let’s suppose you sent out a thousand emails. Did you know that each of these emails can be tracked? For example, you can find out how many of them were clicked. Or how many led to conversions? The transparency and measurability involved with email marketing is unmatchable.

  1. You need traffic to your primary website

An email can help divert traffic to your site. Just include a link as a call to action in the body of the email! Recipients will click the link to land on your page, going through your services in greater detail.

  1. You need customization

Your target audience may belong to different domains. Email marketing allows you to create different email templates that connect with each audience. This helps you establish personal relationships with them.

  1. You want superior ROI

It’s a well-known fact that email marketing offers quality ROI. An email campaign costs only a couple of hundred dollars. It is far more inexpensive than conventional modes of marketing. Count on it for the ROI you always dreamt about!

  1. You have to reach out to them on short notice

Let’s assume you have a sale lined up for the next day. You can send emails to inform them about the event. Which other marketing channel allows you to directly inform a potential client about an upcoming event?

We hope these 6 tips help you finalize email marketing as your next advertising method. Get in touch with an email expert to know how to take this forward. You can also share your thoughts on email marketing with us in the comment box below.


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